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Step Goalie

Better than the Originals

Step takes pride in being the only blade manufacturer to closely monitor the new techniques being developed by today's goalies.  Being effective in net requires lightning-fast reflexes and equally fast movement.  Your blade is the ultimate connection between you and the ice.  Our performance blades are handcrafted with the highest grade stainless steel to keep you on top of your game.  Step blades outclass regular blades hands down which is why so many goalies choose Step precision products when it is time to excel.

Stability and Confidence

Each blade profile is blanked using state of the art CNC milling machines to deliver a better balanced blade every time.  With a tolerance of one thousandth of an inch, the blades on each pair of skates have a profile that is consistent and identical.  The height of Step blades reduces the boot angle clearance (42°) relative to the ice making it easier to come out of the butterfly stance.