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Step Blades

The ultimate connection between your talent and the ice

Step carefully designs and precision manufacturers the best hockey blades that money can buy.  Available in unique finishes and metals, our blades will give you complete confidence in every move you make on the ice.

At Step Skating Blades, we view skate blades as high-precision tools.  Since 2005 our obsession with performance has driven us to re-examine each and every element that has an impact on blade performance.  The resulting blades outperform regular blades, hands down.  The interaction between your talent and the ice is what inspires us to craft these outstanding blades.

The men and women who choose Step Skating Blades immediately feel the difference; better control, better precision, and absolute confidence in the ability to give their very best performance.

Many manufacturers have tried to imitate us but none have managed to rival the excellence of our blades.  Experience for yourself how we make the best hockey skating performance blades in the world.